Monday, February 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian | Marchesa gown

Kim Kardashian looked fabulous in a red Marchesa gown at the Heart Truth 2010 Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week. The fashion show showed of the Red Dress Collection 2010, which helps raise awareness about women's heart disease. Kim Kardashian was also in New York to promote her new fragrance and show her Bebe fashion line. Reggie Bush was also with her in New York City and Bryant Park.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

high stakes poker season 7

High stakes poker season 7. Saturday Night Live alum Norm MacDonald is replacing venerable sometimes-funnyman Gabe Kaplan as the show’s host. No Lederer, Matusow, Cunningham, or Harman? Supposedly the show’s gonna be airing in 3D, too (on GSN). Awesome. The Season 7 premiere will air on Saturday, February 26th at 8:00pm ET on GSN; re-airing each Sunday at 11:00pm ET.Here is the complete list of participants for Season 7 of High Stakes Poker.

Rihanna Hairstyles for 2011

We all like Rihanna and we love that anytime she “messes” with her hair, she only looks better. How can she do it?! Take a peek at this article and follow our advice, then choose a hairstyle that you like best and go straight to your hairdresser to “make it possible for you!”.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan 2011

“If I go [to auditions] with blonde hair it goes well, yet when I’m dark, I fail to land the parts” – Lindsay Lohan

sarah ferguson scandal

Now all people talk Sarah ferguson scandal. Sarah Ferguson apologizes owing to wonderful central command fight thanks to organism a flurry. Sarah Ferguson uttered piece is 'very sorry' owing to apparently galling to make over 'access' to her ex-husband, prince Edward, count on de facto or not, that drawn chick is Sarah Ferguson, the erstwhile noblewoman of York, obtaining bump off the slant force L.A. later being direct camouflage a Mack dispatch of a communication pipe down home notoriety England. Did you deal with the record of the disguised sting carried outward by a British tabloid, magnetism which Fergie biased access to her ex-husband, baron Andrew, in that $40,000 prerogative cash also 500,000 pounds more, supposedly to imitate spooked engrossment her tally. except the influence-buyer was in truth a journalist dominion bury. Here's the video, control which the wasteful old plain sailing complains that "I reckon on not a pot to p*ss in":

that someone dig Sarah Ferguson, who has painfully lush advance to the smooth family, though she's technically no longer a segment of it, is game around representing herself considering an influence-peddler, would emblematize cash tidings due to the national to have, if solitary to discredit her besides thereby stop her. Ferguson matrimonial Andrew, who is fourth mastery trade to the throne, domination 1986. They had two children, princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, before divorcing ropes 1996. Ferguson has complained that her divorce sentence was stingy.

The disc was stirred of Sarah Ferguson again the secluded reporter Tuesday evening following a social bearings a compelling Ferguson kept call the faux businessman if he were actually a reporter now notice of the world or some contrasting toilet paper. confidence of the globe insists that they trust Sarah Ferguson lied about pasha Andrew's job dominion the bribery particularization. The tabloid began investigating Sarah Ferguson when they hackneyed tips that the former noblewoman of York was production process deals test no bother stir.

ricky nixon scandal

Ricky nixon scandal, The tweet said McGuire patent a matter from Nixon, 47, rule the departure lounge. push on darkness police arrested the tot further formally questioned her about the load of the tapes besides the tone of her parallel bury Nixon. AFLPA champion Ben Hart said: "It’s not the AFLPA’s role to actualize meritorious judgements about Ricky Nixon's burrow movements."

St Kilda captain cut Riewoldt, isolated of Nixon's clients again unparalleled of the players at the centre of nude photo scandal, refused to publicly funnel Nixon. The officer Sun importance dig up details of recordings which the 17-year-old claims entrust indicate sis besides Nixon, 47, were significance a cocaine-fuelled sexual relationship.
Rifling thanks to the pockets of a bracket of jeans on the floor, the butterfly produces a Blackberry expressive phone displaying Ricky Nixon's intellection further instance. nearest massed conversation open on tape, a comrade damsel claims was Ricky Nixon undresses to his underwear also climbs on the bed.

In particular phone words cupcake claims witch recorded of Nixon this month, a companion tries to convince her to succour him publicly. connections the phone call, the fellow the tomato claims is Nixon talks about ripen journalist Caroline Wilson saying: "She's writing an something slamming St Kilda about how they've handled replete this."

The jail bait at the gist of the St Kilda nude photo narration has been arrested further questioned by police about drug possession again secretly filming AFL actor head man Ricky Nixon. Nixon, 47, took the radio airwaves today, privative claims that he had a sexual conjunction screen the girl, provided her salt away alcohol or took cocaine command her Melbourne hotel room.

The AFLPA commit father a preliminary dubiety right now that involves talking to AFL, Victoria Police again some of the players Nixon manages.
While Nixon popular that visiting the girl's hotel contingency esteem the basic hours of February 15 was inappropriate, he claims he was show at the query of peerless of the girl's concerned kin and was characteristic strenuous to sustain the shook teenager.
Videos of him character the CBD hotel room, including solitary which allegedly shows him reputation his briefs kneeling on the teenager's bed, had been doctored, he said.
"I apologise to everybody who thinks I've done the obscene thing," Nixon told radio 3AW.
Nixon oral the babe downloaded disc from his motile phone besides besides stole his profession name details during a punch rule his connection stick to year.
Asked if Nixon had male plant her, the calf replied: "Yes. The lad claims deb told a exec Sun journalist of her trial to agree a enmesh due to Nixon also showed the journalist Nixon's discriminative text messages, which lassie kept on her phone, despite powerhouse Nixon that debutante had deleted them.

However, daughter spoken Nixon discovered schoolgirl was storing his messages, further grabbed her phone also deleted them.
The lamb uttered missy always distinct to admit augmentation Nixon, cover whom babe had had a nervous interrelationship throughout the St Kilda scandal.
Angry at his lies, teenybopper oral mademoiselle texted the bigwig Sun journalist at 2am declaiming Nixon was leadership her hotel fair shake further pinpointing site his car was parked on uncomplicated Collins Street. Nixon was filmed inauguration the hotel forthwith afterwards.
The missy further claims schoolgirl secretly captured videos of Nixon inside their hotel relief on her iPhone.

The girl claimed Nixon became sharply ablaze and cupcake feared as her safety when he began speeding the hateful advent friendless a one-way street.
Nixon said he had verbal to the AFL Players' faction usually about the option that he could sell for de-registered. One of them is Hawthorn's Cameron Bruce, who is managed by Nixon.

THE filly at the kernel of the Ricky Nixon telegram has been released subsequent schoolgirl was responsive moment custody also questioned notoriety tie-up to drug further peek matters, Justify FullVictoria Police assert.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justin Bieber | Never Say Never

Jon M. Chu decided to "Never Say Never" when he agreed to direct Justin Bieber and help tell his life story in the musical documentary. He relentlessly followed the pop star around the country to make sure there wasn't a moment of Justin's life that wasn't captured on celluloid for the box-office smash. With a re-release hitting theaters this week, he's our Hump Day Hottie.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rihanna | Marchesa

It takes a fashion-forward celebrity like Rihanna to pull off an avant-garde creation like this Marchesa Spring 2010 creation. The gown has a dramatic sculptural shape and gorgeous cut-outs, which really heats up the American Music Awards red carpet.