Monday, October 26, 2009

Jennifer Aniston The Goree Girls

in The Goree GirlsJennifer Aniston as Trisha Durant.

The Goree Girls is a 2010 film set in the 1940s which tells the story of eight Goree Prison inmates who form a country-western band. The Goree Girls is Filming is going to take place during January 2010.

The Goree Girls film is produced by and stars actress Jennifer Aniston.
Director: Michael Sucsy, Writers: John Lee Hancock (screenplay), Margaret Nagle (writer).

Cast (verified cast:) * Jennifer Aniston - Trisha Durant * Ion Overman - Daniela Lopez * Pam Tillis - Cassidy Sunderson.

Jennifer Aniston 'll be starring in a new film about the true story of an all-female country band in a Texas prison in the '40s.

"Goree Girls" will be "Grey Garden" helmer Michael Sucsy's feature directorial debut. The Goree Girls film 'll revolve around female inmates serving time for various cases, such as robbery and murder, and who made up a country music band.

As per Variety, production will begin in January. Jennifer Aniston and her Echo Films partner Kristin Hahn will serve as producers along with Rick Schwartz and Aaron Kaufman.

She was last seen the comedy "Management" with Steve Zahn and Woody Harrelson. Jennifer Aniston 'll appear next in the romantic drama "Love Happens" with Aaron Eckhart, Martin Sheen, and Judy Greer.