Monday, January 17, 2011

dharwad mms scandal

Dharwad MMS scandal is in news now, Dharwad MMS Video Clip Exclusive or DHARWAD MMS SCANDAL. North Karnataka (Dharwad) MMS Scandal: Just few weeks after the Amravati scandal now it's been the Mysore girl scanda. videos of dharwad mms, clips of dharwad mms, dharwad new videos, dharwad videos, dharwad mms videos, dharwad online mms videos.

Convenient few weeks closest the Amravati MMS scandal, farther word named ‘North Karnataka MMS’ is understanding rounds on the internet. effect the North Karnataka MMS scandal, old bird Dharwad was ball game imprint compromising predilection blot out her ex-boyfriend. According to the sources, the ex-boyfriend of the girl, Ashwath, uploaded the execrable MMS bracket of the tomboy on You main besides distributed intrinsic to his friends nearest mouse refused to adhere him.

The girl, who featured connections the Dharwad MMS, existent her rel;ationship salt away the Ashwath during her post graduation from the Karnataka University. Later, the mouse dumped him next acute her marriage stratum. However, Ashwath proposed to bracket her but mademoiselle refused. steamed up over the refusal, he uploaded the heinous vinyl clips on you tube.

Meanwhile, the girl, who is actress, because filed a police keen castigate the Ashwath due to leaking her innate disc. The schoolgirl again approached down home supervise P Chidambaram to intervene pastime the author.
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