Tuesday, January 4, 2011

navy video uss enterprise

navy video, uss enterprise video, uss enterprise, il mondo di patty 2, mihai bendeac Uss enterprise video, navy video scandal, released Sunday by a newspaper in this Navy port city, feature Capt. Owen Honors using gay slurs il mondo di patty 2, pantomiming masturbation and staging suggestive shower scenes. Navy sources told NBC News that Honors "will be temporarily relieved of his command as early as Tuesday" while the investigation is taking place.

The videos' existence was not news to Navy higher-ups. Corgan said Honors was guilty not only of an error in judgment but of failing to recognize a changing Navy culture.

mihai bendeac, Navy Video Scandal: Will Capt. Owen Honors Lose His Job? The Navy video scandal brought about by Captain Owen Honors has garnered quite a buzz of controversy, but the Navy hasn’t revealed the fate of the carrier officer yet. At this point it is unclear whether Honors, captain of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, will keep his position. According to the Virginian-Pilot,Enterprise video scandal gets new year off to bad start — Last year, the Navy relieved 17 commanding officers for various lapses, personal and professional. It was a worse than average year, but not something to signal undue alarm, a Navy spokesman.

A veteran Navy commander is in all sorts of hot water over raunchy videos he made and showed to his crew aboard the USS Enterprise several years ago.One unanswered question is why reports of the videos are surfacing now. Apparently, Honors showed the videos in question some years ago.