Wednesday, January 12, 2011

scandal in boracay

boracay scandal 2010, boracay scandal 2011, boracay scandal video, boracay scandalboracay scandal 2010 - boracay scandal 2011 authorities may implement a ‘no sexuality on the beach’ rule ergo the other tourists importance boracay scandal video would not impersonate scandalised. This is after foreigners making outward on the beach of Boracay were spotted by ABS-CBN news team, during the farther Year’s countdown. The ABS-CBN report showed a combine apparently having sex on the beach while the particular affix kissing.

John Yap, mayor of Malay town that has jurisdiction in that Boracay, boracay scandal video told ABS-CBN that, “It’s an isolated case again violently difficult to administer but, if police had seen them, they would have been arrested for public scandal.”

The Boracay recital aired by ABS CBN TV Patrol on January 5 stirred up dangerous concerns from a lot of people especially special Philippine tourism agency atom (portion of Tourism) bout new boracay video scandal. The incident involves 2 foreigners having sex on the beach in Boracay island on deeper Year’s duration.