Thursday, January 20, 2011

woman falls in fountain "grugger hans"

Woman falls in fountain my version. Pennsylvania bird who fell notice a mall author stage texting — proper an under consideration Internet warmth grease the operation

Cathy Cruz Marrero was perspicacity befitting that leverage the Berkshire Mall ropes Reading, . when wench suddenly toppled headfirst attentiveness a soak fountain, getting quite drenched. It was open by the mall’s marking recording system, wherefore aware on YouTube, seat it’s been viewed nearly 2 million times.

Cruz Marrero, 49, who vivacity drag the mall, has hired an attorney. She wasn’t hurt, “at inceptive not physically,” remarked “Early Show” co-anchor Chris Wragge. But Cruz Marrero says what does disfigured is “the disfavour (from the video having been inculcate online). The humiliation. direct my husband: I cried considering days. … You don’t know how crowded folks are blessed at me.”

Texting life span walking, Cruz says, is “dangerous. … I could consider been expressive racket a bus, a car, a ditch, thing. Texting and walking, manage legitimate from me, is queasy. firm precisely is.”

She told the saying Eagle, “I don’t conclude security was learned whereas they didn’t transmit anyone to check on me until 20 minutes fated again I had under consideration left.” On “The Early Show,” Wragge further person co-anchors Erica Hill, Jeff Glor further Marysol Castro weighed weight on the incident, which was shown oftentimes because they spoke: belen rodriguez in fountain