Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nicole scherzinger workout and diet

Nicole Scherzinger Workout
Nicole Scherzinger works out with celebrity trainer Adam Ernster to build muscle. She says, “crunches on an exercise ball really target your abs!” Also, “to tone my legs, I dance, run, do squats and lunges.” Apparently the intense workout routines required to compete on Dancing with the Stars are even more tough than her Pussycat Doll workout. But, Nicole says, “I’m used to hard work!”

Nicole Scherzinger Diet
Nicole Scherzinger is burning more calories than usual while Dancing with the Stars, and is sure to nourish her body properly. Nicole changes her diet by adding healthy snacks. She says, “I snack on apples and peanut butter or KashiGoLean Crunchy Chocolate Almond bars.” When she is not on the show and needs to slim down quickly, Nicole changes her diet by cutting carbs, salt, and dairy – and avoiding late night eating. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day helps avoid overeating at meals, making it easier to keep your diet on track.